During the Spring Semester of 2021, our sisters had a blast raising money for Read > Lead > Achieve through a variety of philanthropy events. Our first philanthropy event this year was one of our favorites, Pie a Pi Phi!

In April, we also hosted a walk-a-thon called Running for Readers. Together, these events helped us raise over $3,500 to support children's literacy efforts.


During 2021, we held two book drives! The first one took place in January. We collected over 700 children's books that were donated to both Hybla Valley Elementary School of Fairfax and Hendley Elementary School of Washington DC.

In September, we hosted another book drive and donated the books to the Fairfax KinderCare.

Our chapter recognizes the importance and value in supplying schools with new books. Having access to books and learning materials is one of the first steps in cultivating a lifelong love of reading.

FALL 2021

On November 7th, 2021, our philanthropy team hosted a volleyball tournament open to all Greek and Mason organizations called ArrowSpike! During our Arrowweek leading up to event, we held philanthropy kiosks including Lemonade for Literacy, Lollipops for Literacy and Pi Phi Gives You Wings (Red Bull sales)!